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Future Smart Clinic Solutions

Revolutionizing healthcare with smarter futuristic clinics (clinic management solutions) that will help doctors and hospital staff to Connect, Coordinate and Deliver safer care.

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clinic management system

VX Practice

VX Practice helps the clinics list their practice, let the patient schedule appointments and manage all healthcare data through an innovative reception web panel and doctor’s web panel.

remote patient monitoring system

VX Manager

VX Manager helps the clinics to have app-based coordination of your patients through a dedicated Care Manager. This helps the clinics to perform coordinated Remote Patient Monitoring.

corporate hospital satellite system by sensoriom

VX Satellite

With VX Satellite, tertiary level hospitals can reach out to a wider consumer base distant from their geographical location and get more referrals to their hub centre.

Faster Training & Onboarding
Lesser Workload on Staff
More Revenue Generated
More Patient Satisfaction

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