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Powerful ingredients for healthy aging.

The key to healthy aging is balance. As you age, sustaining the natural equilibrium of your metabolism—is an essential part of maintaining your health.

Our Metabolic Products

Find all the metabolism enhancing products from our company below.

Metabolism Booster Tablets

Sensoriom Metabolik Tablets are packed with all vital vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and super herbs that your body needs for a healthy aging process. 

Low G.I. Rice for Diabetics

Sensoriom’s Low Glycemic Index (G.I.) Rice are packed with all vital vitamins and minerals with a savory taste that you’ll love every bite of it.

Anti-Diabetic Green Tea

Sensoriom’s Anti-Diabetic Green Tea is packed with four anti-diabetic herbs that control your blood sugar levels round the clock.

100% Pure Plant Extracts

Curated by Wisdom. 

Backed by Science.


Sensoriom started as a small healthcare company and with a great research efforts and hard work, we’ve been transforming to a full-fleged Metabolism enhancing company in India. Our core value is still the same. We pick the finest ingredients and work with the greatest people.

How our products works?

We, at Sensoriom are dedicated to developing meaningful, science-backed solutions to support a good aging health to help you move comfortably and confidently through the next phase of your life.

Reduces Inflammation

Strengthens your body against internal inflammation that causes metabolic syndrome.

Neutralizes Toxicity

Supports your body’s ability to fight toxins, which limits cell damage and strengthens immunity.

More Strength & Endurance

This all weather supplement will help you gain more endurance when you workout.

Enhances Sexual Energy

With the powerful super herbs, your sexual performance is enhanced dramatically.

Lowers Diabetes Risk

Balanced metabolism with lifestyle modifications can help you protected against Diabetes / Prediabetes.

Improves Digestion

Added Probiotics enhances the gut immunity, helping in better digestion process.

Our Approach.

Scientifically proven formulas with known therapeutic effects

Plant Based Botanical Supplements

We use both modern science and herbal extracts that have been in use for a long time to make unique additions to your routine.

100% Carefully curated by the experts

100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly. No wrong ingredients or bad taste. Just the right composition which you can trust.

"We are devoted to bringing attention to unfairly treated medical issues and developing treatments for them with exceptional scientific integrity."

Dr. Navneet Goyal (Founder, Sensoriom)

“We are devoted to bringing attention to unfairly treated medical issues and developing treatments for them with exceptional scientific integrity.”

Sensible Healthcare Build For You

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