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Diabetes Control Food Kit

Buy Sensoriom Diabetes Control Food Kit (2-month pack). It contains foods that can lower blood sugar like –

🍲 Muesli for Diabetes (high protein, zero added sugar)

☕ Diabetic Tea (with herbs for diabetes)

🌿 Ayurvedic Pill for diabetes

Sensoriom Diabetes Control Food Kit

How do our products work?

We, at Sensoriom, are dedicated to developing meaningful, science-backed solutions to support a good aging health to help you move comfortably and confidently through the next phase of your life.

Reduces Inflammation

Strengthens your body against internal inflammation that causes metabolic syndrome.

Neutralizes Toxicity

Supports your body’s ability to fight toxins, which limits cell damage and strengthens immunity.

More Strength & Endurance

This all weather supplement will help you gain more endurance when you workout.

Enhances Sexual Energy

With the powerful super herbs, your sexual performance is enhanced dramatically.

Lowers Diabetes Risk

Balanced metabolism with lifestyle modifications can help you protected against Diabetes / Prediabetes.

Improves Digestion

Added Probiotics enhances the gut immunity, helping in better digestion process.

Sensoriom Diabetes Control Food Kit

The highest quality product to prepare you for the day ahead!

✔️ Formulated by scientists, nutrition experts and doctors.

✔️ Manufactured in the GMP authorized labs to maintain the top quality practice.

✔️ Certified to the highest Indian quality standards.

Sensoriom Has Made 10,218+ Lives Better

Head, Private Equity Firm, Chandigarh

Rajat Kukreja, 49 years old

Head, Private Equity Firm, Chandigarh

Problems facing:

Diabetic since 12 years, addicted to sweets, uncontrolled blood sugar levels, busy but lethargic.

Products tried for 3 months:

✔️Sensoriom Jamun Honey

✔️Sensoriom High Protein Muesli (Rich Coffee)

✔️Tab Metabolik

Review after 3 months –

“Earlier, I was trying to control my raised blood sugar and ended up with a nutrient shortage from my low calorie diet. After taking Sensoriom products, I eliminated my nutritional deficiencies of Magnesium, Omega-3, and Zinc,  that have actually quickened my metabolism!

I would not hesitate to say that this food kit has the best food for diabetes control.”

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Sensoriom Diabetes Control Food Kit
Sensoriom Diabetes Control Food Kit
Sensoriom Diabetes Control Food Kit
Sensoriom Diabetes Control Food Kit

You Deserve The Best!

Because consuming these Diabetic friendly food kit can help reduce blood sugar, you actually start to feel better within a few days. Not to miss Diabetic friendly breakfast foods like Sensoriom High Protein Muesli.

Want to Join the Faster, Accurate & Proven Methods to Live Healthy Life

With formulations based on cutting-edge science, research that’s proven by multiple resources, and transparency between you and Sensoriom; we believe health to be an inspirational, lifelong journey.