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The Patients are Googling You Online.

Get you practice turned into a brand with the best healthcare digital marketing agency in India. And yes, it’s totally owned by a practicing doctor.

✅  Increase patient base

✅ Build Brand

✅ Enhance credibility

doctor digital marketing

India’s First Doctor-Owned Healthcare Digital Marketing Company

Healthcare is entirely a different industry and running doctor advertisement is not a simple game. It requires careful planning to build a successful brand in healthcare industry.

That’s why we come in! This is a doctor-owned healthcare and hospital marketing company where every healthcare content is proof-read and instructed by Dr. Navneet Goyal, the CEO of the company. He has an experience of over 10 years in digital marketing and has been successfully running two companies now.

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How Our Strategy Works?

Get Online – Website Building

Professionally designed website to explain what makes your clinic so special.

Start Attracting People Looking for You through Paid Ads

Get quick, confirmed clients for your specialty by running PPC ads on Google. This will help you get many eyeballs rolling on your brand name.

SEO optimization

Your website is flavored with SEO-optimized content that is slowly but surely caught by your future patients. We create separate landing pages for separate services so that your website’s SEO ranks you well on Google searches.

Media Publicity

This is one of the best things to pull the right patients into your clinic by building a clinic brand name. Best for top-tier cities that can catch the newer generation crowd and convert them into your patients.

Reputation Building

Doctor’s reputation is of highest importance in creating the brand name. That’s why we step in to create a good reputation by various methods.


  1. Professional Website
  2. Google Ads (Paid)


All in Resident Plan plus,

  1. Social Media Ads
  2. SEO-optimized content


All in Consultant Plan plus,

  1. Reputation Building
  2. Media Publicity

Meet the Mentor

Dr. Navneet Goyal

Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare Marketing

A seasoned medical professional with over 12 years in Anesthesiology. He did his Entrepreneurial certification courses from the prestigious Harvard Business School, USA followed by Precision Medicine certification courses from the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

He has been at the forefront of using new technologies and methods to improve the health of patients and the way healthcare is delivered as a whole. With a deep understanding of the challenges facing the healthcare industry, he is committed to finding innovative solutions to these challenges.

Sensible Healthcare Build For You

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