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Delivering Sensible Healthcare

From the flexible community care plans, affordable surgery to post-operative care that make getting care easy and on-demand. Ready to have a dedicated Care Team on call to help you find what you need.

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Our Vision Delivering an On-Demand Care

At Sensoriom, we believe in collaboration rather than competitiveness and connect to the organizations with different core competencies to form a single touchpoint in healthcare. It’s an on-demand, easily accessible, and affordable network of multiple organizations collaborating in synchrony to give the best patient outcome.

Our Goal Sirf Healthy Nahi, Happy Raho!

Building Happier Communities through SDoH based innovative interventions. We want to see more happiness than health in all the generations!

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Our actions We Believe in Healing, Not Curing!

A cure signified the banishment of physical illness, but healing could mean not just a physical cure, but repairing and strengthening of the mind and spirit to improve the quality of life even when no physical cure was possible.


Community & Family Clinic Care

Surgery Care: Pre & Post Operative

No Cost EMI on Medical Bills