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As a healthcare technology and local healthcare delivery company, the Sensoriom is developing the cutting-edge technology to deliver healthcare to all which is ever-evolving and fast-changing.

About Us Our History

Sensoriom is a brand of Kiara Caresworth Private Limited Company, registered at Agra, having a corporate office in Noida.

This company is headed by an Anesthesiologist doctor with an expert hand in Digital Marketing, Lead Management, SEO, Healthcare branding, IT, and workflows management. He is a ‘certificate graduate’ from the prestigious Harvard Business School (HBS).

Another director of this company happens to be an MBA from Symbiosis University with a keen hand on Operations Management. The advisors of this company are some of the leading practitioners in the field of General Medicine and Anesthesiology.


Sensoriom first started as Vital X Health in 2018. We were skeptical about our right moves. It was a time to learn what works and what doesn’t, without giving a thought about what our competitors do! It’s one great vision that shows integrity in the culture of an organization. We quickly moved ahead by narrowing down on the points which our customers really wanted in the healthcare ecosystem. We are curious learners, passionate workers, and happy servers.