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Collaborative Synthetic Data for Healthcare Research

Unlock Collaboration Potential by Protecting Patient Privacy While Preserving Maximum Data Utility

Enable collaboration across teams, organizations, and even external third-parties with the use of synthetic data for healthcare research for innovating precision medicine and personalized medicine. It is affordable for the research teams so they can dive deeper into the information they need, when they need it.

Transforming patient health through personalized, predictive care


Healthcare data can be disorganized and complex, hard to access and navigate. And not to forget about patient privacy risks. Today it can take 3 months to find and extract the data you need, up to a month to visualize, two to three months to build workflows, plus another month to measure performance.

This rigid process has now cost you eight months or longer, has frustrated your teams and has caused many missed opportunities. 

Does this sound familiar?


With UnoX by Sensoriom, you can overcome these common obstacles by allowing users to safely and securely access and share data and information across both internal and external entities with synthetic data.

After extraction of this data, your team can get down on the more tangible tasks to innovate effectively.

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What is Synthetic Data?

Synthetic data is artificially created data that replicates the statistical characteristics and correlations of real-world, raw data. This synthetic data does not contain identifiable information because it uses a statistical approach to create a brand new data set.

We partner to offer –

a. Defined Cohort Data

b. Random Sample Data

Ensuring better outcome for all

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