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Kya Mujhe Surgery ki Zarurat hai bhi…?

Get Second Medical Opinion from Another Doctor

❤️ Tap on ‘Get Second Medical Opinion’ button, download the Sensoriom app, and fill all details including your query.

❤️ Pay the fees (INR 500 per second opinion) and attach necessary documents.

❤️ The doctor will review your details and contact you over a phone call.

second medical opinion from doctor

“A Second Medical Opinion is not just a good idea, it’s essential!

It has the power to make a difference between life and death.”

sensoriom care team

On Demand Care Smart Care Manager at your Doorstep

At Sensoriom, we believe in an on-demand model of care and deliver a single touchpoint in healthcare. See how our Care Managers can help you?

✅ Getting a Second opinion from Senior Doctors

✅ Scheduling Doctor’s visit at your home

✅ Helping you navigate surgery plans and complete assistance during surgery.

✅ Discounts on your Surgery and Diagnostic Tests.

FAQs on Second Medical Opinion

When should you take a second opinion from the doctor?

You should seek a second medical opinion from a doctor in the following situations:
1. Your primary doctor is planning an experimental treatment option for you because you have a fatal/life-threatening condition.
2. The Diagnosis is unclear, or if you have too many health concerns.
3. Your treating doctor is not a specialist in that surgery.
4. Current treatment is ineffective or unknown.
5. There are multiple treatment options available.
6. You need a valid confirmation if this procedure is right for you.

Is a second medical opinion free for me?

No! It isn’t free, and most doctors, clinics and hospitals have policies about it. However, you may be eligible for a discount in our partnered hospitals/clinics if you undergo the surgery through our platform.

What is the cost for a second opinion from Sensoriom?

We charge a flat fees of INR 500 for assisting you in the process. It includes Doctor’s fees, platform charges and assistance charges. No additional fees will be charged from you, except if you plan to undergo the surgery through our platform.

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