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The Most Powerful Food for Your Baby

This is the best infant multivitamin and DHA drops. It helps to boost your kids brain, eye growth & all major nutritional requirements during the infancy stage.

✔️ Boosts Brain Development

✔️ Strengthens Immunity

✔️ Promotes Proper Growth

Intelli Kids: Multivitamin & DHA Drops for Infants

What makes Intelli Kids very unique?

It has DHA – A straightforward solution for faster brain development in babies.

FDA Approved

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Intelli Kids: Multivitamin & DHA Drops for Infants

Decoding Mum’s Secret of having Intelligent Kids…

Sensoriom Intelli Kids is a DHA-enriched (Omega-3) multivitamin drops for the babies that aid in the faster development of their brain tissue and cognition.


A Healthy Kid = A Happy Mom

Gift the love of DHA, Multivitamins, Lysine, Calcium, and Zinc to your baby. So that your baby stays strong and may the mom’s smile never fade away!