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Quick Home Heart Checkup

❤️ Home ECG with Cardiologist verified report

❤️ Quick measurement of body composition & other vital parameters

❤️ Connecting Cardiologist on video call (on extra fees)

❤️ Discounts on Partnered Labs, Diagnostics & Pharmacies

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On Demand Care Sensoriom Rakshak at your Doorstep

Sensoriom Rakshak can help you solve many healthcare issues, from First Aid to CPR. They are trained in handling all kinds of medical emergencies and saving lives. See how these Sensoriom Rakshak can help you?

✅ Home Healthcare Checkups including ECG

✅ Helping with the First Aid

✅ Delivering emergency Drugs to your doorstep

✅ Doing CPR to revive from cardiac arrest

Sensible Healthcare Build For You

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